About Us

About Us

About Us:

It’s always a little weird writing about yourself.  So without seeming overly self involved, here are a few things you should know about New City Church.

note: First off…New City Church is a site of Community Church in Oshkosh, WI.  It operates under the ultimate authority of Jesus…who is King of all creation, but also happily submits itself to the leadership and governing of Community Church.  We are one church, Following Jesus Together.

The Backstory:

Starting in the fall of 2012, a group of like minded people began gathering weekly (sometimes more), to refocus our hearts and minds on Jesus.

Many of us grew up in the church and have a healthy affinity (and respect) for religious culture.  But upon doing an internal audit, often times we would find ourselves reading, discussing, and being taught Jesus, but never actually doing what He said.  We would fall into ruts of service and worship out of tradition, instead of reaction (to the Gospel).

note: We want to be a community that grants the positive assumption, so you won’t hear us saying how all churches are just going through the motions.  If anything, we try to remember how the body of Christ is made up of many parts (Romans 12:4-7), and we are just one piece of the Christian church.

So in effort to recalibrate our faith, this new community is spending it’s first year reading what Jesus said, and doing it.  Intentionally meeting in public spaces throughout the east side of Oshkosh, New City Church aims to be a church founded on the Great Commandment (Luke 10:27)…and Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20).  That our love for God would lead us to loving our neighbors…and serving our city.  We believe that God is up to some really cool things in Oshkosh, and as a church we are trying to identify and participate in as much as we can.

Staff: (click to email)

Site Lead Pastor – David Johnson
Director of Community Life – Joe Aronson
Director of Worship Arts – Tommy Knautz
Director of Communications – Rebecca Johnson
Site Director of Community Kids – Becca Wruck

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